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Welcome to Asset Firearm and Crossbow club!

Asset Firearm and Crossbow Club is a commercially-operated membership business providing opportunities for individuals and groups to participate in a variety of shooting activities in Queensland. There is an extensive range of firearms related activities that can be undertaken safely and legally in Queensland, our objective is to provide as many of these activities to as many people as possible and promote growth in the firearms industry.

Asset Firearm and Crossbow Club holds the following approvals from Queensland Police Weapons Licensing Branch:
  • Shooting Club Approval – for the sport of target shooting with Rifles, Shotguns and Handguns
  • Weapons Club Approval – for the sport of target shooting with Crossbows
  • Approved Historical Society – for the collection, study and preservation of firearms/weapons
  • Membership of the club meets the requirements for members to apply for an Ammunition Collectors Licence
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Some of the activities that we conduct:
  • Introductory Sessions for new shooters who want to come and try target shooting
  • Group Sessions for corporate team building, bucks/hens parties and other groups
  • Firearms Training including Approved Firearm, Crossbow and Collector Safety Courses to obtain your QLD Firearms Licence
  • Practice Sessions for members and visitors
  • Shooting Competitions for members and visitors
  • Member-only training, coaching, competitions and other exclusive events
  • Personal Coaching one-on-one with experienced instructors
  • Collector Range Days and Arms Fairs for collectors to showcase their collections and participate in live fire range practices with their collectable firearms
  • Customised training for firearms professionals who work with firearms including security, police, corrections, parks and wildlife, councils, airports, dealers, armourers, pest controllers and others.

Why We Are Different

Unlike most clubs in the firearms industry which are run by volunteers, Asset Firearm and Crossbow Club employs experienced professional staff who undergo extensive induction training and professional development to ensure that our members receive consistent high quality services. We do not operate a committee like volunteer clubs, our commercial business model means that our Management Team have a business plan with short and long term goals to build a sustainable club which meets the needs of its members/customers; it also means that we can be responsive to industry changes and ensure best-value for members without the club politics which are common among volunteer clubs.

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