Crossbow Safety (Category M)

Course Overview

Crossbows are classed as a Category M weapons in QLD. They can be used for sports and target shooting, as well as recreational shooting on a property. Unlike firearms, they are quiet and the bolts travel shorter distances than projectiles making them a great alternative to firearms on smaller properties; or perhaps something for the avid bow hunter to consider.

A basic introduction to crossbows, this course encompasses the essential skills and knowledge in relation to;

  • Weapons legislation
  • Crossbows in the community
  • Licensing requirements
  • Safe handling
  • Safe storage and transport as well as a range of additional information that is essential for all arbalests.

In order to participate in this course, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be over 18 years of age (or have written consent from parent/guardian to attend)
  • Must not have any physical or other impairment which would prevent you from handling firearms safely – if unsure, seek advice from your GP or contact us to discuss suitability
  • Must not have any criminal convictions (relating to drug use, violence or weapons) in the past five years
  • Must not have been a subject to a domestic violence order in the past five years
  • Must not have been a subject to an involuntary mental health order in the past five years

For more information regarding specific licensing requirements, please visit Weapons Licensing QLD.

The course content is delivered face-to-face over 4 hours through a range of mediums including classroom-based theory, practical handling of a crossbow and a live fire activity on an approved range.

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