Holster Proficiency

Holster Proficiency

If you wish to use a holster on an approved range in Queensland for pistol shooting competitions you require approval from the club conducting the range practices.

Asset Firearm and Crossbow Club has taken a risk-based approach to the use of holsters and requires all licensed members wishing to use a holster for competitions and other range practices to complete a Holster Proficiency Assessment with one of our experienced instructors.

Visitors and Unlicensed Members are not permitted to use holsters.

Obtaining a Holster Proficiency Approval from Asset Firearm and Crossbow Club:
  • Members with no prior holster training:
    • Complete one of our Holster Proficiency Courses (4 hours)
    • Complete the Holster Proficiency Assessment
  • Members with experience using holsters (eg. Police, Security, Corrections):
    • Provide evidence of experience (eg. Industry Licence, Certificate, ID Card)
    • Complete the Holster Proficiency Assessment

Members who fail the Holster Proficiency Assessment or demonstrate unsafe practices at any time on the range will have their Holster Proficiency Approval revoked at the discretion of the Range Officer and will be required to complete the Holster Proficiency Course and Assessment again prior to using holsters during range practices.

Members who have completed a SSAA or PSQ Holster Proficiency Course may use this as evidence of prior experience and complete the Holster Proficiency Assessment without undertaking the Holster Proficiency Course.

holster proficiency
holster proficiency
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