Range Officer and Instructor

Range Officer & Instructor

Range Officers and Firearm Instructors play a critical role in ensuring the safety of range users and the general public by educating and supervising people who use firearms. Asset Firearm and Crossbow Club employs experienced Range Officers and Instructors1 who have undergone formal training and demonstrated a consistent high level of safety management through a supervised (voluntary) work experience program2.

Our Range Officer Training Program3 covers:
  • QLD Weapons Legislation
  • Asset Firearm and Crossbow Club Policies and Procedures
  • Advanced Firearm Handling Techniques
  • Opening and Closing Procedures for Approved Ranges
  • Conducting Competitions and other Range Practices
  • Coaching Techniques
  • Identifying Behaviours of Concern and Managing Conflicts
  • Managing Incidents and Emergencies on Approved Ranges
  • Administrative and Reporting Requirements for Range Officers
Our Firearm Instructor Training Program3 covers:
  • The Range Officer Training Program
  • Asset College RTO Policies and Procedures
  • Training and Assessment Strategies for the Approved Firearms Safety Courses
  • Instructional Techniques for a diverse range of trainees
  • Conducting Practical (Classroom and Live Fire) Firearms Training
  • Conducting Firearm Assessments
  • Administrative and Reporting Requirements for Firearms Instructors

During the supervised work experience phase of these programs, trainee Range Officers and Firearms Instructors will be working directly with Asset Firearm and Crossbow Club’s members and visitors; this will include conducting routine activities as well as a variety of simulated incidents, emergencies, faults and other problems where the trainee will be required to demonstrate their ability to effectively respond to issues in a controlled environment.

A customised version of this course is available for Government, Corporate and other Clubs who wish to contextualise the course to their club or workplace. For these courses, a third party assessment by the supervising club or employer will be required instead of the supervised work experience with Asset Firearm and Crossbow Club.

Course Fees Non-Member Members
Range Officer $1995 $1250
Firearms Instructor $1500 $990

Members undertaking the Range Officer and/or Firearms Instructor Training Programs will not be required to pay range fees for regular club activities while enrolled in the course (maximum 6 months).

Eligibility and Entry Requirements
  • Must hold a current licence for the relevant category of weapon (ie. To complete the Firearms Instructor Training Program for Handguns, you must hold a current Category H Concealable licence)
  • Must have a minimum of 3 years experience with the relevant category of weapon
  • Must be proficient in handling a variety of firearms. A free skills assessment may be required to demonstrate this.
  • Must hold a current First Aid Certificate.
  • Must hold a Positive Notice (Blue Card) for working with children
  • Must hold a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, as per the Standards for RTO’s 2015 (Trainer/Assessor Competencies) prior to commencing the Firearms Instructor Training Program

1 Anyone that meets Eligibility and Entry Requirements may undertake these training programs however there is no guarantee of paid employment with Asset Firearm and Crossbow Club or Asset College following the course. Offers for employment will be made to suitably qualified candidates when vacancies arise and will be subject to our normal recruitment and employment conditions.
2  There is no set duration for the supervised work experience phase as it is competency-based and will vary depending on individuals prior experience in similar roles and the frequency of attendance. A typical duration is 3 – 6 months.
3 Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is not permitted for this course as it has been contextualised to meet the specific requirements for Asset Firearm and Crossbow Club however trainees with prior experience are likely to complete the course requirements at a faster pace than trainees who have not had similar experience.

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