Course in reloading small arms ammunition


As most shooters will realise, ammunition is expensive and often the reason that people shoot less or even stop shooting altogether. In some cases it is not so much a cost-factor that prohibits the shooting for sport and recreation but a limited supply of ammunition from local dealers.

Complex legislation and pressure from international suppliers to prioritise foreign market supply can make it difficult for Australian firearms dealers to supply sufficient quantities of ammunition to Australian shooters at affordable suppliers. These limitations are not the fault of the dealers; it is simply a common trend across the industry, both in Australia and overseas.

One solution to this problem that shooters have been turning to for over 100 years is reloading their own ammunition. By re-using fired cases or acquiring new cases and other components, shooters are able to manufacture their own ammunition with relatively low setup costs and be able to produce good quality ammunition at a fraction of the cost of buying factory ammunition.

The purpose of this course is to educate participants about the reloading process and assist them to develop the basic skills to start reloading their own ammunition.

Participants on this course must either:

  • Hold a current firearms licence issued in Australia; or
  • Be eligible to hold a firearms licence in QLD and have completed a Firearms Safety Course.

To find out your eligibility to apply for a Firearms Licence in QLD please visit Weapons Licensing QLD.

This course is delivered face-to-face over 8 hours.

You will undertake a brief theory lesson to address the underpinning knowledge requirements then the remainder of the course will be delivered through practical training using a variety of reloading equipment. You will also attend a range practice at the local club to test and evaluate ammunition loaded on the day.

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